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"Over the past week, we have seen some churches discontinue services and suspend all gatherings. However, the cancellation of services does not cease the work of the Church. After all, the Church lives and finds its purpose, not in buildings or holy huddles, but in the streets and alleys, in ordinary places where the world encounters Christ in the life and witness of His disciples." - Godfrey Yogarajah, WEA Deputy Secretary General and also head of the National Christian Evangelical Alliance in Sri Lanka

Guide to Reopening Church Services
A Step-by-Step, Biblically-Based and Research-Based Approach to Resuming In-Person Ministries
Forming Church, Community and Health Facility Partnerships
Guide to a cooperative arrangement between the health authorities and facilities and the community
Parenting Tips: A Guide for Church Leaders
Parenting for Lifelong Health
Quick Response Toolkit Ministry At Home
WEA Family Challenge
Caring for Vulnerable People during COVID-19
Understanding the effects of a pandemic response on Child Maltreatment, Human Trafficking, and IPV (Intimate Partner Violence)
Ten Strategies for Impoverished Communities
A Health Justice Approach V 1.0
by the World Evangelical Alliance
Caring for a Family Member with Covid-19: A Guide for Church Education and Support
The World Evangelical Alliance
COVID-19: Guidance for Faith Communities & Places of Worship
World Vision

How The Early Church Handled Two Devastating Epidemics
A mini book by Joel News (Download Links on the website)
[Workshop Guideline] Preventing the Spread of Sickness
Accessible Hope International
How Governor Nehemiah Responded to "COVID-19?"
Asia Evangelical Alliance
Asset Mapping for Informal Settlements: An approach to mitigating the effects of Covid-19
Centre For Building Better Community
COVID-19:Recommended Preventative Practices and FAQs for Faith-based and Community Leaders
The Partnership Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives
A Guide to Crisis Mitigation Support by the Local Faith Community
The World Evangelical Alliance

Preparing Your Church for Coronavirus
Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College
COVID-19: Guidance for the Local Church
A Call to Commitment and Partnership
A World Evangelical Alliance Brief on the Evangelical Community and Humanitarian Development
Guidance for Churches in the Coronavirus Era
Resources for Churches in Malaysia
PLAN DE ACCIÓN PARA IGLESIAS LATINAS COVID-19 (Spanish Resources for Hispanic Evangelical Congregations)
The National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NALEC)

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