How are people affected personally?

COVID-19 has affected people all around the world directly and indirectly. Understanding their experience will help inform your prayer and might also inspire you to take action in your own neighborhood.

Pastors of Smaller Congregations

Pastors of smaller congregations depend on the offerings they receive during the weekly Sunday worship service. With many countries restricting gatherings, these worship services had to be canceled for several weeks, so the pastor is lacking financial support for his daily needs.

Hourly Wage Workers

The pandemic and the resulting government restrictions have already had a major impact on the economy and especially those who work in the service sector and other hourly-wage jobs. As businesses have to suspend operations, workers lose their income and sometimes also their jobs.

Isolated Elderly

One demographic that is especially affected is the elderly, especially if they do not have relatives who can care for them. The mandatory self-isolation can add emotional stress, and at times the inability to go to the market to buy food offers an opportunity for the church to step in.

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