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As a National Evangelical Alliance leader you have a unique role to play in responding to the COVID-19 crisis in the context of your nation. Below you will find links to statements, prayers and resources that National Alliances have sent out. You could use those as inspiration for your prayers for these countries or use them to learn how to respond to their needs.

Regional Alliances

Asia Evangelical Alliance

There has been an increase in strategic and effective collaboration between churches and government in many countries in Asia. There are at least 11 significant and positive trends of the Asian churches, as they are responding to the pandemic.

Association of Evangelicals in Africa

The regional alliance as well as national alliances in Africa have responded with humanitarian aid, resource provision, collaboration with the governments, and more.

Sri Lanka

Biblical and Practical Guidelines for Churches in Dealing with COVID-19 Situation

Sri Lanka

Digital Citizenship Toolkit to introduce key concepts related to digital citizenship while taking into account the local socio-economic realities, technology adoption patterns, societal actions, and other considerations.


ACIERA is actively supporting local relief and engaged in national dialogue amid the pandemic.


Prayer Calendar from Easter to Pentecost
by Österreichische Evangelische Allianz


The Church and COVID-19 by Aliança Evangelica Brasileira


Coronavirus Guidance for Churches and Christian Groups by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada


Urgent Appeal for COVID-19 Relief Work by Evangelical Fellowship of India


An Evangelical Response to Escalation of Coronavirus Crisis – COVID-19 and the Local Church by Evangelical Alliance, Ireland


The Centrality of the Church in the Time of the Coronavirus National Day of Prayer – Italian Evangelicals United in Intercession for the Nation by Alleanza Evangelica Italiana

The Philippines

Church Victorious and Corona Virus: Biblical and Practical Guidelines for PCEC Churches by PCEC


The ‘Extraordinary situation’ and What It Means for Churches by Schweizerische Evangelische Allianz

The United Kingdom

Latest news, information and prayer on COVID-19 by the Evangelical Alliance in UK

The United States

Coronavirus Response & Resources by National Association of Evangelicals

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