Evangelicals in Honduras Participate in the Relief Efforts amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Alianza Evangélica Latina

The Evangelical Fellowship of Honduras communicates all the effort on the part of the government and the Church in this time of crisis as the country faces the pandemic.

The rapid spread of Covid-19 and the weakness of the health system in Honduras accentuate a worrying scenario in the face of such a situation. In the last official report #36, a total of 397 confirmed cases were reported, 25 died and 7 were recovered, with the department of Cortés being the most affected with 268 infected and 16 deaths. This is a time of uncertainty because the numbers of infections are alarming and the forecasts predict the worst.

The government has carried out actions under Operation Honduras Solidaria, with the distribution of food bags, as well as the distribution by the Honduran Air Force (FAH) to Central America and the Dominican Republic of the tests for detecting the coronavirus, thanks to donations by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) to seven countries in the region.

Measures were also taken to suspend power cuts during the emergency, as well as to inspect the Government Civic Center (CCG) in order to house positive COVID-19 patients in the building.
The authorities have taken the Church as a strong support, because it is the most credible institution in the country. In this sense, some church buildings in the city have been made available to the government to be used in this crisis.

The Evangelical Church is accompanying the government in the delivery of food and supplies to the hospitals. Pastors throughout the country are being watchful of these actions, while the Evangelical Fellowship of Honduras is participating in the highest level of decisions that the government is making. Throughout the country, the message “Honduras is trusting God” has been projected.

The Evangelical Fellowship of Honduras has joined the initiative of AEL by calling for fasting and prayer last Easter Sunday and the churches have responded positively.

In total conviction to Psalm 30:5. “Weeping will endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning.” Prayers and faithful service continue as the nation and the world hopes for the morning light.

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